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‘Fundamentals’ Collection

Object / 2017

A collection of objects from the personal archive of me and Adriaan de Man which serves as a departure point for the design of a container for  ‘Fundamentals’ - an exhibition initiated by Dutch Invertuals and curated by Raw Color. The archive gives insight into the way we work and the themes we explore.

‘45 Invertuals reveal more than 800 objects that normally remain hidden in the archives of their studios. They offer a glimpse into their private collections, resulting in a distinct reflection of their personal identities. Sharing these inspirational artifacts allows the visitors to experience various views on form, material, and beauty.
For this exhibition, the designers take their personal collections and identities as a starting point to create a container that manifests their ‘Fundamentals’. These individually made products offer comprehensive insights into their various design practices, reflecting diverse personal visions.’

In collaboration with Adriaan de Man. 
On show at Dutch Design Week 2017.
Photography by Ronald Smits & Raw Colour.