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Forescout Lab

Spatial concept, experience / 2020

Cyber attacks are ‘invisible’ to the eye, but cause tangible disruption in the real world. Power grids and industrial facilities stop operating, buildings get locked, medical devices and services get shut down. Imagine you create products and systems to prevent these attacks, and they are equally ‘invisible’. How can you showcase your technology in a tangible way, and turn your company’s lab space into an experience for your visitors? This is what we did for the cybersecurity company Forescout. Together we developed the concept of a lab space which can be used by employees, and meanwhile helps to tell visitors a story of the different applications of the technology.

Collaboration with Adriaan de Man. Project in development.
Commissioned by Forescout Technologies. 

To get familiar with the end-users and their needs from the space, we held several meetings with employees and the lab space manager. We defined three main needs for the space design. It had to get the company’s product story across to visitors, it had to be usable for employees who perform specialized actions (testing & update of devices) and usable for company meet-ups and conferences.

To get the company’s story across, we developed the concept of ‘demo islands’: modular furniture pieces for each application domain of Forescout’s technology. The ‘islands' work as a support to tell visitors the story of the technology. In a series of demo’s a cyber ‘attacker’ cuts off light/ power, overrides access codes to digital door locks, fails the ventilation system of a building, etc. The software product of the company is used to monitor all the devices and mitigate or resolve the cyber attack.

Floorplan layout

Visitor flow