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Cosmic Travel Kit


Design and production of Cosmic Travel Kit - a wearable addressing multiple senses. Project initiated by Baltan Laboratories together with Klara Ravat, Pieter Verhees and Angela de Weijer.
‘Cosmic Travel Kit looks like a blend between an astronaut’s helmet and a protable micro-theater. We created a 20-minute multisensory walk across Strijp-S, leading past several iconic locations. The inspiration for the tour comes from time travel and the rich history of the area, but it offers more than just nostalgia. Cosmic Travel Kit guides you through the walk using GPS, while alternate realities from past, present and future are narrated through sound and scent compositions. During DDW you can get an exclusive first taste of Cosmic Travel Kit.’

Based on Arduino, GPS, LED.
A collaboration with Adriaan de Man.
Commissioned by Baltan Laboratories.

Tour available during Dutch Design Week, 2019.
Photographs by Hanneke Wetz.

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