Commissioned by Dutch Invertuals for Luxaflex®
Year 2017

How can we give light new dimensions and forms? What is its role in our future living environements?
‘Chromatic Ray’ is a kinetic light installation which explores the interaction between light, colour and environment. Due to a mix of opaque and transparent pigments, the prisms reveal colour tints from blue to red depending on how the light falls on them. The prisms are hanging on a construction with motors which move them in two ways - they tilt up and down and rotate around their axis at the same time; so that the effect of the pigments gets highlighted. According to their position, the grid arranged prisms reflect, filter or block incoming light.

Resin, pigments, Arduino

In collaboration with Adriaan de Man
Featured in FRAME Nr. 121Mar/Apr 2018 and Sight Unseen
Photography by Ronald Smits

© Mila Chorbadzhieva 2018